Nude Art Figure Drawing Weimar

every monday, 6pm-8pm
Rollplatz 10, 99423 Weimar
operator: Caro van Ruit

Nude Art Figure Drawing for free sketching


except: the City of Weimar at March 13th:
Coronavirus Prevention: City of Weimar closes all schools, daycares, kindergartens, and educational institutions as a precaution Events are, generally speaking, prohibited from taking place The city of Weimar issues new general ruling: In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, all schools, after-school care centres, daycares, kindergartens, universities, and other educational institutions are closed. All events are strictly prohibited. This regulation goes into effect on Monday and continues up to and including 19. April.

adress: Rollplatz 10, 99423 Weimar

It´s really easy to join as a nude model to our group of free draftsmen and women mostly by 6 persons. As in german not usual , we always saying "Du" means you. No photos shoting, always drawings.

to training your hand and your eyes

without registration

For new models - what to do?:

Indeed, it begins with 5 short posture about 5 Minutes to sketching and with some breaks the poses last longer up to 20 Minutes but then in laying. But always relaxed. If you are not able to made a posture we accept an alternative way. Basically I give you instructions but you can make anything by yourself.

your way to the star *

every monday with new models

nude art drawings

Please carry your own sketching devices and materials

Archive: Specials

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