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Caro Rhombus Raute van Ruit

wo streams have always moved me: technology and art. Two inclinations go in different directions - and meet - sooner or later in life - on separate roads and on different tracks - as in a parallelogram * where the two ascending branches in the upper level reunite: The Diamond - The CARO:


Whether as a diamond, as a rhombus, diamond or in Dutch - Ruit - all terms describe a square with parallel sides




Art-railway station Jena 2013 - 2014

After surviving illness, I practiced here my eye and my hand on live objects!


painting and sketching school Weimar 2014 - 2016

Consolidation and study of more complex conditions!

public high school Weimar 2015

Deepening and exercises on the live object!

Deepening and exercises


nude figure sketching students home Jena - since 2016

Semester for semester more internships with changing live models single or multiple models. Constructions on prepared painting ground. Free choice whether red chalk, ink, tempera or gauche.

Gang und Gebe

creative nude figure drawings Weimar since 2015

Weekly session with changing live models Perspective drawing. changing techniques - chalk, pastel, ink. artistically demanding nude motifs.

Roaming in culture

A Walk into musuems

additional items

Aktstudie H. und S.

First Exhibition

2014/12/05 on a dentists rooms


First Exhibition in public places

"museum of bees" located in Weimar - information (german) here(german)

Offenes Atelier.

23th Open Atelier 2019/09/21

a local municpal event more (german)

24. Offenes Atelier

24th Open Atelier 2019/09/19

a local municpal eventWebsite of the city of Weimar more (german)

24. Offenes Atelier

25th Open Atelier 2019/09/18

a local municpal event Website of the city of Weimar more (german)



my second music-album


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