Nude Art Figure Drawing Weimar

every wednesday, 6pm-8pm
Rollplatz 10, 99423 Weimar
operator: Caro van Ruit

Nude Art Figure Drawing for free sketching

New rules in times of pandemic Corona!!

New rules for admitting

register by sending an email to - your name,adress, phone-nr. study-faculty
- max 10 persons - you´ll got an invitation
- one way
- carry a mask
- desinfection guarantee
- air condition with fan

adress: Rollplatz 10, 99423 Weimar

It´s really easy to join as a nude model to our group of free draftsmen and women mostly by 6 persons. As in german not usual , we always saying "Du" means you. No photos shoting, always drawings.

to training your hand and your eyes

with registrations on restrict times of pandemic

For new models - what to do?:

Indeed, it begins with 5 short posture about 5 Minutes to sketching and with some breaks the poses last longer up to 20 Minutes but then in laying. But always relaxed. If you are not able to made a posture we accept an alternative way. Basically I give you instructions but you can make anything by yourself.


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